Fusion City Church (FCC) is a dynamic, exciting, new church in the Kannapolis area. They have been around for a little over a year, and were looking to get some new images to use on their updated website and social media. In order to show off their unique style, their band, volunteers, staff, etc. at their best.
RomanDA Photography was brought in to shoot before, during, and after service and setup to capture the whole experience of FCC. Shot over the course of 5 Sundays to be able to spend time on each area of their ministry, there were well over 1300 photos taken. These were then examined to try and work out what ones best worked with their list of shots they were needing for their website and social media. This brought the number down to around 400. The pastors then looked these over on RomanDA Photography's website, selecting the ones they thought would work best. These photos were then edited, and cleaned up to ensure they looked their best.
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